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The Late Night Walking Tour in Savannah

Some stories are so chilling that they simply must be told

Some stories are so chilling that they simply must be told

Dare to embark on this spine chilling experience for the most open minded of truth seekers.

Some stories are worth risking and are so "out there" there that they can't be written down or even published; they simply must be told.

Are you ready to listen?

Join this late night tour for Savannah's unparallelled storytelling event as you visit a few of the city's most haunted places!



This tour requires 4 persons to operate.


Savannah - City On A Grid
Discover how “America’s First Planned City” was hatched by a massive masonic undertaking and how Oglethorpe was the tinkering engineer charged with opening new doors in time and space through the wheels and gears of a city plan.

Human Possession - Do Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Grave
Ever wonder what it means to be a “bone collector?” Hear the true story of one man who won over the people of Savannah with his charm and genius, but lost all when he tried to dupe the dead. It's a regaling tale of morbid fascination gone wrong...complete with a spirit photo that will shock your sockets and leave you reeling in disbelief!

Voo Dun it? - Crime and Punishment
Goofah dert. Deveaux’s Dust. Hags. Dr. Buzzard and Lady Minerva - Legal terms and lawyer names of a cosmic sort. Cemeteries are their offices and courtrooms and headstones are the record books. See the ONLY privately held photos of a ritual that caused such a stir that, by the end, one cemetery got slapped with visiting hours and the photos are possibly a strange link to a murder.

You, Me and ESP - The Ties That Bind
A Savannah woman is viciously attacked. The assailant is found via an accidental mind-meld with the madman himself. It's an unexpected tale of friendship, survival and voyages an understanding of how the operations of the psychic world are revealing signposts for those who choose to see.

City of Tunnels - Rue Morgueopolis
Designed for commerce and official escape...but follow one stretch and it leads you to one of our most psychically troubled buildings and where so many spiritual problems for Savannah originated. Want to grasp why Savannah is so haunted? We’re taking you straight to the dark well-spring of its understanding. ADVISORY: Tunnels are dangerous and off limits to the public.

The Book - A Sorcerers Tale
Behind Savannah’s magic curtain once lived a resident warlock...a truth seeker who rose to unmatched creative heights but was felled by too much talent, indulgence and possibly his own evil house. This story has it all — Occult, Secret Societies, Murder, Seances, Nazism, Voodoo. It sounds like the new Raider’s movie but most call it Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil.

AMHC - Poltergeist Capital of The World
Be a part of the ONLY tour in Savannah that gets to lay eyes on the America’s Most Haunted City™ plaque presented to Savannah in 2002 by the most funded research group in the history of parapsychology. A bad joke? Nope. Real science meets time in the trenches. Learn why “poltergeist” is more than a movie and why there are more of them than there are of us.


• Don't drink before the tour or you won't last
• Be well rested or it'll be tough
• Be prepared to walk up to 2 miles
• Bring a camera or other nerdy devices
• No video taping or sound recording
• Thank you for not smoking
• No cellphones on the tour
• Misbehaving will be dealt with
• For those 18+ ONLY!

These tours are performed on the streets, sidewalks and pathways of Savannah, rain or shine; disabled guests are welcome to participate, but no transportation is provided to the tour departure location and no special equipment is provided to accommodate.

Hotel pick-up is NOT included; this tour departs from a convenient location in downtown Savannah (specific details will be on your E-Ticket). Must be 18+ to participate. This tour requires a total minimum of 4 participants to guarantee departure. Gratuity is NOT included. Please order online or call 888-653-6045 to order or for more information.


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